Yearly Archives: 2016

Getting a residential property survey

It is extremely important to understand the boundaries of your property, especially if you are undertaking a home addition or extensive remodel/renovation. Getting a residential property survey is an important first step since it will reveal the exact size of your property and the location of any structures such as sheds, fences or a garage. It will also reveal a portion […]

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Removing an old chimney

Our plan for exterior work in the fall of 2015 included replacing all the upstairs windows and installing new exterior siding on the back of the house. Before we could get started on either of those things we had to deal with the old chimney that went up the back of the house. This post explains why […]

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row house renovation design selection

A good design is essential to a successful renovation. If you don’t have any background in or experience with home design and renovation, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Without a design and plan to follow things can go sideways fast and get very expensive.  Continue reading to find out how we arrived at a […]

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